Monthly labyrinth walk

Venue name: Church of the Redeemer
Address: 6210 Northeast 181st Street, Kenmore WA 98028

Categories: Other & Miscellaneous
Starts at: 2019.11.12, 19:00


Our scheduled labyrinth walks this program year will go from Tuesday, October 8, 2019, and continue each second Tuesday of the month through May 2020. The walk starts at 7:00 pm. Come about 6:30 pm if you can, to help set up. The labyrinth walk is free. No ticket is required, although you may want one to remind you.  For more information, contact Bee Jay Mar, Our labyrinth design Our main labyrinth is an original design by Dan Niven. His description follows: "Over the past fifteen-plus years, I’ve created many circular designs, and am also drawn to patterns which emerge out of a series of nested polygons. A common medieval labyrinth shape was octagonal with a flat base–imagine a stop sign–occasionally rotated 22.5 degrees to create on “on-point” look. I use this motif often, sometimes increasing the number of sides to twelve, creating the dodecagonal shape employed in this cruciform five-circuit design. Paths are wide enough for those using a walker. The middle is 3.5 circuits wide or about quarter of the overall width, a common ratio for labyrinths with an expanded center." Our labyrinth is named “The Twelve Apostles,” reminding us of all the adventures Jesus’ original core group experienced, walking in the footsteps of Jesus and the Old Testament wanderers. We also have a variety of table-top labyrinths for walking with a finger or with a stylus.