If you are passionate about helping other people, intrigued by the health sciences and love working as part of a team, you may want to pursue a degree in healthcare. There are a range of healthcare programs that can prepare you for a number of exciting positions, from pharmacy and laboratory positions through to administrative jobs such as medical office administration.

Many people choose to study healthcare courses online. Due to the practical nature of some healthcare courses, only a selection of courses can be studied online. Studying online is a great option for those who are already in employment or have other important commitments as it allows them to study a healthcare course in the comfort of their home whenever they want. In addition, as online students do not need to attend classes on campus, they can not only save money on travel, but they can also choose colleges further away as the inconvenience of distance is eliminated.

Types of Healthcare Degree

There are a range of healthcare degrees that can be studied online. Popular types of healthcare degrees include: healthcare administration, pharmacy technician and a whole range of medical assistant programs.

Healthcare administration degrees equip students with all the skills necessary to help keep a healthcare institution running smoothly. Healthcare administration is more than just filing, it requires individuals to code comments made by physicians and deal with insurance companies.

Pharmacy technician is a popular degree choice for many students. This course teaches students all about the different kinds of medications available and how they should be used. Graduates of this course may go on to work at a hospital or in pharmacy.

There are a range of medical assistant programs that can be studied online. This type of program gives students the skills necessary to both help out medical staff and look after patients by talking them through procedures and checking signs of life.

Healthcare Degree Prospects

The prospects of a healthcare graduate vary according to the sort of healthcare degree that they have studied. Nevertheless, a healthcare degree is an excellent way for students to land themselves a position in this interesting and vital industry. Popular career destinations for healthcare graduates include:

  • Dental assistant
  • Medical assistant
  • Occupational therapy
  • Health administration

Top Healthcare Colleges

  Fee No.
of Students
Harvard $49,875 700 3.71 - 4.0
Johns Hopkins $44,100 480 3.71 - 4.0
Yale $47,343 460 3.71 - 4.0
Stanford $49,500 398 3.65 - 3.98

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