Fancy yourself as the next big entrepreneur? Or, can you see how current businesses could be better run? A business degree could be for you! Business degrees can be studied at all levels: from certificate program to bachelor’s degree through to MBA. Whatever level you study at, a business degree will significantly improve your commercial awareness, numeracy and people skills. This makes business graduates very attractive candidates in the job market as well as a valuable asset to any company.

In recent years, many students are deciding to study a business degree online. Indeed, online business courses have a number of benefits over traditional classroom-based courses. For example, as all the course resources and communication channels are online, online students have ultimate freedom as they can choose where they study and at what time. This means that students can better fit their course around other commitments, making online business degrees especially popular with popular with stay at home moms or those already in employment. In addition, as any keen accountant has probably already spotted, there are some excellent savings to be made by studying online as online students can bypass commuting and relocation expenses. In addition, as online learning makes distance less of influence, many students find that this gives them a broader selection of colleges and courses to choose from.

Types of Business Degree

Business can be studied as a degree in its own right, or students may prefer to study a more specific business degree. A general business degree will give you a good overview of all the functions within a business as well as many of the external factors that can influence business performance.

Popular specialized business degrees include accounting, marketing and business administration. Accounting is not only reserved for those who excel at math, but is generally geared towards those who have a keen eye for detail when analyzing data and have the confidence to suggest strategies for improvement. A marketing degree is relevant to pretty much every sector as this degree educates students in the various strategies to assess current market situations as well as how to implement a successful marketing campaign. This makes a marketing degree a popular choice for students who enjoy thinking creatively and analytically simultaneously. Business administration is an excellent, versatile degree that is perfect for organized students who enjoy ensuring that things run smoothly.

Business Degree Prospects

As a business degree will equip students with an array of excellent transferable skills, such as leadership and thinking analytically, a business graduate would prove invaluable to most companies. This means that you can find work in all sectors and a variety of industries.

If you want to strengthen your resume and really refine the skills and knowledge you picked up on your course, you may wish to undertake further study. Be it a certificate program or even an MBA, this extra knowledge and specialization can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Depending on type of business degree you study and at what level, there is a range of exciting career prospects for business students. Popular career destinations for business graduates include:

  • Accountancy
  • Marketing
  • Business consultancy
  • Human resources

Top Business Schools

Fee No.
of Students
Rate %
Harvard $53,500 1824 12
Stanford $57,300 803 6.9
Wharton $57,026 1685 20.3
Kellogg $56,550 1161 22.1

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