If your dream after completing college is to teach a high-need subject, like math or science, at one of the U.S.’s underprivileged schools, you may be entitled to a special grant called a TEACH grant that can help makes your dream a reality. The government recognizes that low-income schools do not have enough highly-qualified teachers and created this special type of grant as an incentive to encourage students to pursue this important and rewarding career path.

A TEACH grant can provide students with a maximum of $4000 a year. As the TEACH grant is a gift of money, you do have to pay it back or pay any interest on it like you would with a federal or private loan. So, if you see yourself as a future teacher, this grant can certainly be advantageous!


In order to be considered for a TEACH grant, students must meet the following criterion:

  • The student must be enrolled as a student at TEACH grant program participating school on a program that is TEACH-Grant-eligible.
  • It is necessary that the student meets or excels specified grades. Usually, a student will need to maintain a GPA of 3.25 and achieve over 75% in at least one part of their college admissions exam.
  • Agree and sign a service obligation.

Things to Consider

Unlike other types of grant, a TEACH grant is quite a big commitment, so, before you apply for funding, you should take the following factors into account:

  • Not all colleges offer the TEACH grant, so you if you think that this grant will be of use to you, contact the school’s financial aid office to find out whether or not the grant is available at that institution.
  • In order to receive the grant, you need to sign a TEACH Grant service obligation. This is a considerable commitment as by signing the form you are agreeing to teach in a high-need field and an educational institution geared towards low-income families for a minimum of four years in the first eight years are you finish your course. If you do not follow the obligation through, your grant money will become an unsubsidized Stafford loan on which you will have to pay interest from the time that you received the TEACH grant.
  • You will need to be studying a subject in a high-need field to qualify for the grant. Among others, high-need fields at the moment include languages, math, and science.