About Scholarships

Like a grant, a scholarship is a sum of money given to a student in order to financially support their education. While grants are given to individuals who in financial need, scholarships are given to students based on merit. Most scholarships are rewarded to students who have excelled in their studies or sporting commitments in the hope that the said student will put the money towards furthering their education and bettering themselves.

In addition, unlike grants, scholarships often require students to meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for further financial help. Such requirements can be achieving certain grades whilst studying or agreeing to work in a certain job after graduating.

Scholarships Available

Scholarships are mainly offered by educational institutions to promising students and most of them covered all the fees that a student will incur at university.

The government also offers a number of scholarships to students for a variety of reasons. For example, Benjamin A. Gilman international scholarship awards up to $5000 to students that wish to study abroad and the government has a range of scholarships available to disadvantaged students who wish to pursue a healthcare or medical course. There are also a number of scholarships specifically available to students from minority backgrounds in order to make college more affordable to all cultures.

There are also a range of non-profit companies and private companies that offer scholarships to aspiring students. In order to get one of these scholarships, aspiring students usually have to enter some sort of contest or prize draw. If you look around, you will find a whole array of weird and wonderful scholarships that are awarded for all sorts of reasons, from being left-handed to being interested in candy.

Finding a scholarship

The best way to find a scholarship is to look online. Have a look at what scholarships are available from the government and non-profit organizations. The financial aid office is another great place to find out more about scholarships and education finance in general. The financial aid office staff are experts so they will only introduce you to legitimate scholarships and can answer any questions that you may have.

While there are many scholarships available, there are a number of scam scholarships out there. Avoid any scholarship search program that promise to find you a scholarship for a fee and steer clear of organizations that request your credit card or debit card upfront.

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